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Direct Specific Questions to…

  • Teacher applications should be sent to the curriculum committee. Please add your name to the subject line.
  • Comments can be sent to our President.
  • Raffle questions should be directed to our Raffle Chair.
  • Have photos for our galleries? Web page corrections? Contact our Web Admin.
  • Learn more about The Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center
  • Curriculum Committee members are:
    • Rob Pratt
    • Rod Beamguard
    • Sam King
    • Barbara Meyer
    • Monty Davenport
    • Bob Matteo, website liaison
  • Snail mail inquiries, please mail your name and address to:
    Fort Worden Kitemakers
    c/o Travis Zubal, Registrar
    4615 191st Place NE
    Arlington, WA 98223