Classes 2020

Instructors for the 2020 conference are set and it is another great slate!

The following instructors have accepted invitiations to present their projects at the upcoming Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference! Check them out and see what sparks your interest!

  • Class duration ranges from 1/2 day to 1 full day.
  • We have beginner, intermediate, and experienced level classes.
  • We will offer kites and banners, miniature kites and large kites.
  • You can sew or not sew.
  • Most classes use ripstop but some use paper or plastic.

Below are photos of the projects and brief descriptions. Additional information will be released soon so check back. Registration opens later this fall so check back often!

Card Trick Kite

Card Trick Kite

Rod Beamguard
Vancouver, Washington

Rod, a long-time and popular instructor, will be returning to teach his version of a German kite, the Card Trick, based on a quilting pattern. This kite looks stunning in the sky and will be available as an 8-ft or 12-ft tall kite.

Rokidoki Kite

Rokidoki Kite

Phil Broder
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Another returning teacher is Phil Broder who will be teaching his rokkaku-with-a-twist kite. You will be making three kites in class and learning how to put them in a train.

Mini-Drumbox Kite

Mini-Drumbox Kite

Jim Day
Seattle, Washington

Jim will join us as an instructor this year to teach a half-size version of the popular Drumbox kite. Known for their clean lines and tight skins, these kites fly as either a stable kite or with fun “fighter kite’ movement.

Cat's Kondor

Kondor Kite

Cat Gabrel
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Cat will bring the popular Kondor light wind kite to this year’s conference. A flock of large, graceful Kondors can be seen aloft at festivals when few other kites can fly.

Windgarden Feather Banner

Windgarden Feather Banners

Scott Hampton
Sandy, Utah

A well-known artist and kite maker, Scott will be presenting his very unique black and white Windgarden feather banners that will add intrigue and interest to any ground display.

Coffee Filter Mini-kites

Miniature Kites

Scott Hampton
Sandy, Utah

Scott will also be teaching his techniques to make miniatures from coffee filters, markers and a sprinkle of your own imagination. A wonderful, fun-filled and addictive class.

Dancing Ribbons Banners

Dancing Ribbon Banners

Carveth Kramer
Taos, New Mexico

Carveth Kramer will be joining us once again to teach his Dancing Ribbon banners. This interesting project will add visual interest to any flying field.

Dan's Asteroid kite

Asteroid Kite

Dan Kurahashi
Burnaby, BC, Canada

We’re happy to have long time teacher Dan Kurahasi back to teach the Asteroid kite using his hot fusing method of construction. This 48″ kite is interesting to build and amazing to fly.

Tool Sharpening

Tool Sharpening

Dan Kurahashi
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Dan will also teach us his techniques to sharpen or polish our tools for the best cuts of fabric and spars. Bring knives, scissors, round blades, needles, or whatever you would like to learn to sharpen.

Transition Tails

Transition Tails

Barbara Meyer
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Barbara will be returning this year to teach the intriguing and ever-useful transition tails. Ever wonder how to easily make the gradual transition from one color to the next? Come find out!

Hatching Dragon Eggs

Hatching Dragon Egg Inflatable

Helene Morgan
Shropshire, United Kingdom

We’re pleased that Helene will be returning to teach a favorite piece of inflatable ground art, the Hatching Dragon Egg. You may remember these adorable pieces from WSIKF a couple years ago.

3Doodle Noodle Kite

3Doodle Noodle Kite

Paul Morgan
Shropshire, United Kingdom

Paul will also be returning to FWKC to present a kite of his own, a 3Doodle noodle kite. This kite is a steady flier and an excellent platform for graphics.

Magic Folded Star Kite

Magic Star Kite

Ron Ortega
Vancouver, Washington

Ron will be joining us this year to teach the fascinating techniques used to create a folded star kite. Part origami and part sewing, this is a great way to learn how fabric colors interact.

Gregor Sled Kite

Beginning Kitemaking

Gerry Pennell
Olympia, Washington

Another of our long time teachers (25 times!) is Gerry, who will be teaching her always popular intro to kitemaking. Learn the basics of sewing kite material and hear invaluable tips and tricks, plus make a wonderful pocket sled kite or a classic windsock.

Roundtable discussion-SQ

Kitemakers Roundtable

Moderator TBD

Two of our awesome instructors will moderate a roundtable where Kitemakers can discuss those techniques or problems most dear to your hearts.