Classes and Instructors

For your reference the 2024 conference instructors and classes shown below will remain visible until the 2025 conference offerings are available late summer. As usual, it was another great slate and conference!

The following instructors have accepted invitiations to present their projects at the upcoming Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference! Check them out and see what sparks your interest!

  • Class duration ranges from 1/2 day to 1-1/2 days.
  • We have beginner, intermediate, and experienced level classes.
  • We will offer kites and line laundry, miniature kites and large kites.
  • You can sew or not sew.
  • Most classes use ripstop but some may use paper or plastic.
  • Learn how to sharpen and rejuvenate your cutting tools!

Below are photos of the projects and brief descriptions. Complete Class Details, the Schedule, and Additional Information are available on the Details page.

Anderson Laylight Ohashi

Laylight Ohashi Kite

Steve Anderson
Wheaton, Illinois

Steve will present an Ohashi kite with a design inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright art glass window designs. This kite will use cut fabric pieces and a Silhouette-cut black “window” with pieces glued in place before being sewn.

Beamguard Roller Kite

Classic Roller Kite

Rod Beamguard
Vancouver, Washington

Rod will teach a classic Roller kite that flies very well in light to moderate winds and provides a great platform for individual applique. Students will learn small construction detail techniques in a fun class

Crites Revolver Kite

Revolver Kite

Olympia, Washington

Bary returns to present his Revolver box kite, a winged box kite that revolves as it flys. Learn his techniques for accurately creating multiple parts that will in turn make final assembly simple.

Davenport Guppy Fish Windsocks

Guppy Fish Windsocks

Glenda Davenport
Gig Harbor, Washington

Imagine your own guppy fish windsocks, originally developed by Team Larkey, flying on a pole or as line laundry. Students will pick colors for two guppies, and learn assembly techniques, bridle line splicing and use straight and zz stitching techniques

David Roll-up Kite Bag

Roll-up Kite Bag

Brian David
Poulsbo, Washington

Students will learn methods to sew various types of fabric to create a roll up kite bag with their choice of color. Finished bags will hold quite a few kites and allow easy carrying

Gfrorer Dondai Cellular Kite

Dondai Cellular Kite

Folke Gfrörer
Gerlingen, Germany

A popular instructor, Folke is returning to the US to present a unique, very interesting kite – the Dondai. This cellular box kite is unusual in appearance and that it is suitable for light winds

Kurahashi Mini Cody Kite

Miniature Cody Kite

Dan Kurahashi
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Dan is again presenting one of his popular miniature kites. Students will learn how to split bamboo next to hair thickness then make 4 Cody kites in different sizes with both pre-cut and uncut sails. The smaller they are the more challenging for the maker.

Kurahashi Advanced Sharpening

Advanced Sharpening

Dan Kurahashi
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Dan will also refresh students on blade sharpening basics then progress into advanced techniques with hands-on learning to rejuvenate kite-related and every day tools. Students will be exposed to techniques not normally available to learn.

Lovett Ornament Spinner

Ornament Spinner

Grant Lovett
Brownsburg, Indiana

Grant will lead students in making a 6-sided version of the fast moving, easy to sew Ornament Spinner. It is a flexible design that is easy to scale and modify. Variations of the ornament can be made from partial/multiple kits

Meyer Critter Crossing 5-sided Kite

Critter 5-sided Kite

Barbara Meyer
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Barbara returns to present a kite inspired by a Mary Gabby kite. Students will begin by using dyes to create a background, then complete the kite. After the kite is finished, you will have the option to add animal silhouettes to personalize their kite.

Pennell Intro to Kitemaking Sled

Intro to Kitemaking

Gerry Pennell
Olympia, Washington

Another of our long time teachers (+25 times!) is Gerry, who will be teaching her always popular intro to kitemaking. Learn the basics of sewing kite material and hear invaluable tips and tricks, plus make a wonderful pocket sled kite or a classic windsock.

Thrall Gelli Painting

Gelli Painting

Cindy Thrall
Newberg, Oregon

Cindy will teach her method of gelli plate painting on kite fabric. Experiment with colors and patterns you can later applique on a kite, or turn the whole fabric piece into a kite in Rod’s class!. Each student will receive their own 3″ round gelli plate and brayer, and a variety of other plates and tools will be available to use.

Thrall Rokkaku Kite

Rokkaku Kite

Rod Thrall
Newberg, Oregon

Rod will take students through the construction of a classic Rokkaku kite – a great platform on which builders can express their creativity. Participants can turn the sail created in Cindy’s gelli class into their Rok or decorate their sail at home prior to class.

Roundtable Discussion

Kitemakers Roundtable

Rob Pratt
Lacey, Washington

Attendees will have the opportunity ask and find answers to vexing questions, trade techniques with other kite makers, and explore mysteries of the universe (are you paying attention?).