Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference is all about making kites, learning new techniques and methods, seeing old friends, making new ones, hopefully winning a raffle item, and having a great weekend with other kite makers and flyers. It is a wonderful gathering of kite makers and instructors from all around the world. We strive to have classes for everyone. Each year since 1982 our curriculum committee has put together an exceptional list of teachers with classes to accommodate all skill levels and kiting interests.

For the last few years the Conference has been held at the Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center located in Stanwood, Washington. The facilities continued to be comfortable and convenient, and the purpose, well, you know…  kites, friends, raffle… an overall great weekend with other kite makers and flyers. If you did not join us in the past few years, we hope you join us this year for more kite making during a fun, relaxed weekend.

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Sound interesting? Then please join us for an unforgettable weekend!

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