Classes 2023

The instructors for the 2023 conference are complete and it is another great slate!

The following instructors have accepted invitiations to present their projects at the upcoming Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference! Check them out and see what sparks your interest!

  • Class duration ranges from 1/2 day to 1-1/2 days.
  • We have beginner, intermediate, and experienced level classes.
  • We will offer kites and line laundry, miniature kites and large kites.
  • You can sew or not sew.
  • Most classes use ripstop but some may use paper or plastic.
  • Learn how to sharpen and rejuvenate your cutting tools!

Below are photos of the projects and brief descriptions. Complete Class Details, the Schedule, and Additional Information are available on the Details page.


Taping Ripstop Applique

Rod Beamguard
Vancouver, Washington

Rod will teach an alternative to sewing, using modern adhesives to fabricate a kite. Students will learn how to construct a kite using tape strips and fabric pieces they have cut from a pattern, similar to creating a stained glass object. Students will need to create a colored pattern before class to be executed in fabric as a kite.


Kinetic Wind Spinner

Robert Brasington
Tasmania, Australia

Robert’s Pirouette and Macro Rapier kinetics are both about 6ft/2M high ground based installations. Although all the sewing is straight, the result is a sculptured 3 dimensional object. The design of the kinetics are totally original and combine a unique pole decoration with an equally unique spinner. They can also be used as line laundry or garden hanging ornaments.


Circoflex Kite

Ed Grys
Madison, Wisconsin

In this class Ed will teach students to build a 6½ feet diameter Circoflex that can easily be broken down to fit in a normal kite bag. The class will learn how to do a multi point bridle and how to tune the sail for optimal flying. Seeing a Circoflex fly is always a crowd pleaser that defies logic.


Miniature Bird Kites

Dan Kurahashi
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Dan will be teaching the basics of using bamboo and paper while making up to 8 Japanese style miniature bird kites, including his Canada Goose, Magpie, Cicada, Fogel, Yoshizumi and Hummingbird.


Tool Sharpening

Dan Kurahashi
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Dan will also teach us his techniques to rejuvenate (different from sharpening) our tools for the best cuts of fabric and spars. A whetstone; rotary, rod and other polishers; and polishing compounds will be supplied.


Classic Eddy Kite

Barbara Meyer
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Barbara returns to present a 65″ tall by 65″ wide one or two color eddy – simple and striking. The kite shape everyone (well, at least non-kiters) thinks of but few actually build. It floats on the wind in a breath of air. Since it has a dihedral it will fly without a tail, but you can add 1, 2 or 3 if you prefer the look.


Pencil Banner

Barbara Meyer
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Barbara will also teach her pencil banner that fits a 10′ pole. This is a great project to fill up a campsite with fun, yet compact, color! Learn edge binding and the use of color and scraps in this popular class.


Intro to Kitemaking

Gerry Pennell
Olympia, Washington

Another of our long time teachers (+25 times!) is Gerry, who will be teaching her always popular intro to kitemaking. Learn the basics of sewing kite material and hear invaluable tips and tricks, plus make a wonderful pocket sled kite or a classic windsock.

Sanders Design Your Own Q-Trio

Custom Feather Banner

Linda Sanders
Willunga, SA, Australia

Linda will be returning this year to present a full-sized DESIGN YOUR OWN feather banner in 200D Flag Nylon one-day workshop. Linda will design YOUR artwork to suit you so no two banners will be alike. Examples of past banners may be seen in this image. The cost of this customized banner class will vary depending on the detail in your design.

Sanders Window-Feather Banners

Window or Feather Banner

Linda Sanders
Willunga, SA, Australia

Linda will also be presenting a second class this year with TWO options. First is a 40”x29” Window Banner with a choice of images similar to the image upper portion. The second more challenging option is Linda’s Downunder Dots Feather Banner. This 9’3” feather may be chosen from the six color alternatives in the lower portion.


Quadline Kite

Nigel Spaxman
Richmond, BC, Canada

Nigel will teach his Revskeleton, a unique, painted 4 line kite with a frame the same dimensions as a Rev series B, that flies similarly but differently than a Revolution. String on the outside edges of the sail makes for very strong frame attachment points and very tight edges, making the kite fast and sounding like a flexifoil when it flies.


CiQuare Kite

Alicja Szalska

We’re pleased that Alicja is joining us this year to present a very unique kite with a visually appealing and colorful design. The tail made of ripstop nylon stripes connected with Dacron tape creates a wonderful dance during flight. The end product is a 70cm square kite with a unique dancing tail almost 4M long. Learn a special no-hole-in-the-fabric circles sewing technique and how to connect parts of the tail in a specific way.

Roundtable Discussion

Kitemakers Roundtable

Rob Pratt
Lacey, Washington

Rob will lead a roundtable discussion on tools he uses and encourages participants to share tools they may use in kite building.