Classes 2022

The instructors for the 2022 conference are set and it is another great slate!

The following instructors have accepted invitiations to present their projects at the upcoming Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference! Check them out and see what sparks your interest!

  • Class duration ranges from 1/2 day to 2 full days.
  • We have beginner, intermediate, and experienced level classes.
  • We will offer kites and line laundry, miniature kites and large kites.
  • You can sew or not sew.
  • Most classes use ripstop but some may use paper or plastic.

Below are photos of the projects and brief descriptions. Complete Class Details, the Schedule, Additional Information can be found on the Details page.

Celtic Miniature

Miniature Kite

Dave Butler
Tigard, Oregon

Regretfully, this class has been cancelled for 2022. If you have already registered for this class, you will be contacted as to your preference for an alternate class. We look forward to Dave’s always popular Celtic miniature kite class again in the future.

Scarfe Flowform

Scarfe Flow Form Kite

Bary Crites

You will be building a 30 SQ Ft Soft Kite with a drogue based on a kite that was originally designed By Phil Scarfe of England. The Kite flies very well in winds up to 10-12 MPH

Reversing Spinner

Reversing Spinner

Glenda Davenport
Gig Harbor, Washington

Kitemakers will make a spinning spiral that has different colors on the
front and on the back. Students will learn about sewing inside out, seam placement of the pieces and attachment techniques, creating a spiral line laundry that changes colors as it spins.

Kite Arch

Kite Arch

Brian David
Poulsbo, Washington

In Brian’s class students will sew individual 18″ Eddy kites that can be used to form an Arch. Each
kite will have its own line to be used for attachment which will provide the ability to modify the Arch by adding more kites at a
later time or rearranging the order of them.

Dunton Taylor Kite

Dunton-Taylor Box Delta

Chris Hanson
Bellingham, Washington

Chris returns to FWKC to teach an upsized Dunton-Taylor Box Delta with a “sprung” spreader. The unique spreader compresses as the wind increases.

Mini Bird Kites

Mini Bird Kites

Dan Kurahashi
Burnaby, BC, Canada

A frequent teacher, Dan will teach students how to split bamboo next to hair thick, and make 5 or 6 different birds from printed and plain skins such as Canada Geese, Snow Geese, Magpie, Red winged black bird, Condor

Knife and Tool Sharpening

Knife and Scissor Sharpening

Dan Kurahashi
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Dan will also teach us his techniques to sharpen or rejuvenate our tools for the best cuts of fabric and spars. Bring knives, scissors, round blades, needles, or whatever you would like to learn to sharpen.

61/49 Controllable Kite

61/49 Kite

Ken McNeill
Lenoir, North Carolina

Regretfully, this class has been cancelled for 2022. If you have already registered for this class, you will be contacted as to your preference for an alternate class. A popular instructor, we look forward to Ken returning again in the future.

Transition Della Porta Kite

Transition Della Porta

Barbara Meyer
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Barbara will be returning this year to teach a transition Della Porta kite complete with tail. Start with squares, stack, slice, rotate, insert, sew. Repeat, repeat, repeat until your design is achieved, creating a unique kite complete with 25 ft fuzzy tail.

Korean Wave Kite Train

Korean Wave Kite

Cliff Pennell
Olympia, Washington

Cliff is back again to teach students the basic construction of a sail for the Korean Wave Kite Train.

Sled Kite

Intro to Kitemaking

Gerry Pennell
Olympia, Washington

Another of our long time teachers (+25 times!) is Gerry, who will be teaching her always popular intro to kitemaking. Learn the basics of sewing kite material and hear invaluable tips and tricks, plus make a wonderful pocket sled kite or a classic windsock.

3-Stick Magic Kite

3 Stick Magic Kite

Scott Skinner
Monument, CO
Jose Sainz
San Diego, CA

Scott and Jose will present a variation of their “three-stick magic” paper and bamboo kite workshop offering two distinctly different approaches to taking three, equal-length spars and creating a flyable kite in shape and form limited only by the student’s imagination.

Quadline Kite

The Essentials Quad Kite

Spence Watson
SeaTac, Washington

Spence will present his standard Essentials, a full-sized Hadzicki-wing quad line kite, his design for a simple but high quality quad line sport kite designed to maximize durability and long term performance.

Roundtable Discussion

Kitemakers Roundtable

Scott Skinner
Monument, CO
Jose Sainz
San Diego, CA

Jose will lead a seminar on his applique technique, which was handed down to him, and that he will hand down to you.
Scott will lead a session on the quick 9-piece patchwork technique.
And stand by for additional presentations by other instructors.