Instructor Application

Teacher positions and classes are considered and evaluated in July for the following year’s conference.

If you are interested in being considered as one of our teachers and have a kite or idea for a class you’d like to share, please submit an application before July 1. This can be done via our on-line form below.

Need to communicate with the committee? Please send them an email at:  Curriculum Committee.

Of course there are a limited number of classes we can offer so if you don’t get selected this year, you are welcome to submit your project again for another year.

We have suggested skill level information for our attendees to use for picking classes. Please use these same criteria to determine the level of your class on the application form:

  • BEGINNER: I am a beginner if I have never made a sewn kite before. I may have never used a sewing machine either – or at least not enough to be comfortable with it. The first thing I should sign up for is the beginning kite making and kite sewing class. This will give me a big boost on the way to being an accomplished kite sewer. I should look through the list of classes offered for beginners – there will be plenty to choose from. Since the begining class is normally held on Friday morning, I may be ready to take something a bit more advanced the next day or even that afternoon.
  • INTERMEDIATE: I am intermediate if I can sew reasonably well. I haven’t made  many kites yet, but I have developed some skills and am ready to move on. (Most of us may fit into this category.) Even if I have never made a kite before, but I am an accomplished sewer I may be comfortable in one of these classes. I’ll ask the registrar via an email!
  • EXPERIENCED: I am experienced if I have made lots of kites and my sewing skills are well developed. Now I am looking for a challenge, and to learn different and advanced skills and techniques.