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Ft. Worden Kitemakers Conference 2017

The 2017 conference is imminent!

2017 official logo

Mail-in and on-line registrations are now closed but you are welcome to join us this weekend and can register on site.

The Fort Worden Kitemakers 2017 Conference registration packet consists of several parts. On this page you will find a description of what each contains. There are links to each document which all open in new windows.

Check list of what you can print: 1) 2017 Information   2) registration form (only for mail-in registrations)   3) class schedule   4) At-a-Glance  5) general information   6) Warm Beach site maps  7)  raffle item form

If you are interested in joining us as a teacher in the future, the bottom of this page is important for you!

FWKM Conference registration instructions and condensed class and product information sheet
2017 Information of the Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference registration packet. It contains important information you will need about our registration process, plus general conference information in regards to registration, and housing and meal details. The second page is a condensed list of our 16 classes plus all your shirt and apparel choices. Use it as your reminder of your choices! Links to the Warm Beach facilities/housing.
FWKM Conference Registration Form for people not registering on-line
Printable copy of the 2017 registration form. This one page form must be printed, filled out and mailed with your check if you do not register on-line. Please fill out a separate form for each person. See above for the information regarding mail-in registrations.
FWKM Conference schedule information
The full 2017 class schedule contains teacher information, class descriptions with lots of information, supplies to bring and project costs. This is a printable 9 page PDF file. It may be helpful to you to also print and use the At-a-Glance page. As a reminder, our web site has color pictures of every class project. To see photos of projects, click on the CLASSES tab at the top of the page.

FWKM Conference miscellaneous information  (necessary, helpful and useful!)
A printable copy of the general information pages.  It contains other necessary information you may need such as basic items to bring, our class skill level information, and details, details, details. Please print and/or read this 3 page document for both information now and future reference. Need a location map of the buildings at Warm Beach? You can find a printable map here or use this map with driving directions. 

FWKM Commemorative Conference Items
Shirts and outerwear, patches, hats, duffles and kite bags plus pins are available for attendees to purchase in advance. Apparel is embroidered with our 2017 logo. With the exception of the denim shirt, the color this year is royal blue. Duffles and kite bags are made by Deb Tumminia and feature this year's logo on a patch. We are always open to suggestions regarding products so let us know what you want. For prices and pictures, click on this logo item link.  All apparel, patches, hats, duffle and kite bags, and pins are ordered on the registration form although the pins are also available at the conference. Please note all logo items must be pre-ordered by February 11th, 2017.

FWKM Raffle Submission Form
The PDF file is found at the Raffle Form link. Get a head start at home by listing your items along with your name and contact information. Kara and her crew are looking forward to accepting your donations after you register. Bring your completed form along with your kites and kite related items to the raffle area. It will streamline the donation process if you are bringing a raffle item to donate. Thanks!


Prospective Teacher Instructions and Application Form

Teacher positions and classes are considered and evaluated in March through June for the following year's conference.  If you are interested in teaching, please use the links below to apply.

If you have a  kite or idea for a class you'd like to share, please submit an application. This is done via our on-line submission form. Of course there is a limited number of classes we can offer so if you don't get selected for our next conference, you are welcome to submit your project again for another year.

The "Teacher application on-line submissions" can be filled in and will be submitted to the entire Curriculum Committee.  

 Teacher application on-line submissions